Our Story

Me with our two lovely boys
Me and James

After hoping for an outdoor wedding but finding it was just not meant to be, I’d always had it in the back of my mind that we could go for the next best thing and find a venue where we could bring the outside in and use trees and bunting to make it feel like the English country garden setting we’d been hoping for. Funnily enough, later that year, Kate Middleton chose trees to decorate Westminster Abbey for the Royal Wedding which made me think it wasn’t such a hare-brained idea after all (although I’m sure the in-laws thought I’d lost the plot, as probably did hers).

As our search continued, we were lucky enough to stumble across the gorgeous Lutterworth Town Hall which was full of lovely features but was a huge empty space. I started searching for trees and pretty things to help create our garden scene and eventually found the perfect products.

When it came time to packing up after the celebrations, I was asked what I was going to do with all our lovely things we had bought, and that’s when I had the idea of hiring a few things out to other brides-to-be who, like me, wanted to put together their own style for their wedding..a sort of pick ‘n’ mix approach if you will especially after realising how much time it took to source all the products in the first place. With the growing trend for DIY weddings, it turned out that there was a real demand for quirky and individual items that could be rented for a small fee rather than having to stretch the budget even further by buying them (then having the headache of what to do with it all afterwards). And so began extremely lovely weddings. I got myself a WordPress online shop, acquired some more gorgeous stock and away I went.

Over the past 7 years I have been asked more and more for advice and to be involved in the whole venue styling process which I love doing. I have a great team behind me and we love nothing more than creating amazing weddings and events that reflect your own personalities – something unique just like you.

We are also very excited to have a gorgeous range of extremely lovely gifts online which we are adding to each day.

I love what I do and am very lucky to have a job which allows me to mix my love of being creative with my love of organising parties..and who doesn’t love a celebration!